---Battledome Tips---

by dahunk2000

Here is a list of good yet affordable defense/attack items.

Sir Cheekalot Battle Shield : I could put this under cheap items list but it's good enough to be an affordable item. It's the best affordable shield I've found, it's a good defensive weapon. It defends against physical attacks and some water attacks. It will serve well for those who are saving up for a better shield.
Pumpkin Shield : Another inexpensive item, but it is well worth the affordable but good stuff! This will block every attack for one round, then it disappears. But it's great for snowball and muffin fights. It's also good against those people who have really super strong weapons.
Bag Of Infinite Neggs : This item can save your life! It's only around 10,000 last time I checked, it gives you a healing Negg that will heal you around 5 hit points each time. It also defends against Ice attacks, and a couple other attacks. The only problem with it is that it gives you a Negg, so it takes 2 rounds to heal yourself. You are better off getting a high level Heal ability or the more expensive Frost Healing.
Those are the best of the defense crop.

Snowballs : The best of the affordable items! 2 Exploding snowballs can kill a pet with 15 hit points or less! They do different types of damage, the best is the Stone Snowball. Icy, Sticky, Exploding and Mud are other good types. Don't use Poison or Wet though.
Ice Sword : Very good weapon for starting out with. It has good attack power, can parry some physical attacks, and is not to expensive at all! It's one of the best swords under 10,000. A great buy.
Scimitar : There is a Fire, Ice, and Battle Scimitar. All are the best under 10,000. I prefer Ice because there are a ton of items to block Fire and Physical. They are only 1 hit point better then the Ice Sword, but they are also a couple thousand Neopoints more. That's why I think the Ice Sword is the best under 10,000.
Muffins : They're pretty good. I don't have any idea how much they cost. I found one on the floor and used it in battle, it did more damage then the Icy and Sticky snowballs. They come in different shapes and sizes.
Those are the weapons I think are the best of the affordable ones.

Tips and Hints:
In the Battledome make sure you get a freezing item, they can save your life! Freezing items include:
Frost Cannons : they are good for attacking too!
Hypno Helmet : this doesn't attack but it can still freeze your opponent once every fight.
Slave Collar : this is like the Hypno Helmet except as soon as you use it it disappears.

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